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Find the best garage door repair tips in one place. A clear outline of the important bits. Smart solutions to common issues! Find out how to choose garage door parts and doors! Clever tips about all garage door problems! Seeking an easy way to deal with garage door issues? Just read the tips which follow

  • Invest in new garage doors

    If your overhead door is old, don't be reluctant to check our new garage doors. Replacement often costs less than constant repairs and will give you the advantage of choosing among the newest and advanced systems, which are more durable. Today, there are many options among insulated doors or composite materials and this will be an excellent investment.

  • Listen to your garage door

    Believe it or not, your garage door speaks to you. It gives you signs of its condition via strange sounds and strange movements. Overhead garage doors do not collapse out of the blue. Something would be wrong with the springs or cables. So, pay attention to peculiar garage door performance and noises that weren't there yesterday.

  • Door balancing

    Our experts recommend performing a door balance test once a month. Simply disconnect your automatic opener system and try lifting the closed door manually. It should offer minimal resistance, open smoothly and remain fully open until you close it. If it fails in one of these areas, the garage door's balance needs to be checked.

  • Maintain the opener frequently

    It will just take a few minutes to check and maintain your electric garage door opener but you'll feel safer. Make sure the wires are fine, the release rope is in position, the nuts are tightened, the unit well secured on the angle iron, the lamps okay and the backup battery charged. It's vital to check and align the sensors.

  • Never operate a repainted door while the paint is still drying

    When the paint is still wet, it may cause the sections to stick at the joints and at the door stops. The professionals from our garage door repair company explain that this can cause the door to bind when it is nearly closed or open.

  • Keep your garage door remote away from children

    Children are often likely to play with a lot of things assuming they are toys. This can be dangerous if the item in question is your garage door opener’s remote control. It is highly suggested that you keep your remote out of reach by storing them at least 5 feet away from the floor.

  • Teach your children about the operation of the garage door

    Even though you should not let your children play or operate the garage door, you should still teach them how to use it. Emergency cases might rise wherein you might need your child to operate the system. You should also teach them about the safety precautions for the device.

  • Unplug the garage door opener when on vacation

    Garage Door Repair Santa Clarita recommends that while on vacation, the garage door opener device must be unplugged so that the garage door is unusable. This is a security measure that is highly recommended. Another option is to use a garage door lock console security switch that makes the remote controls unusable as well.

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