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We welcome all inquiries. These are the latest garage door repair FAQs for consumers.

  • Do I need a new spring if insulation is added to the garage door panels?

    This depends on the extra amount of weight added to the door. If the door gets much heavier, the existing component will not be able to counter balance it and it will be stuck in place or move much slower. If there is only little weight added to the door, the spring will have to be adjusted so that it gets higher torque to balance the door.

  • Q: What is the UL 325?

    A:  It is the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. which formed the regulations about electric garage door openers safety in 1993. According to the UL 325 regulations, all electric openers ought to have inherited safety sensors as well as embodied or external photoelectric eyes for higher protection from accidents.

  • Q: How do I know when my garage door opener needs repair?

    A:  Homeowners dread garage door repair because they have the notion that it is very costly and time consuming.  This is why owners tend to postpone repairs on their doors for as long as they can. However, it is important to know that damages become greater when repairs are postponed. Parts that are malfunctioning cause the rest of what were supposed to be working parts to suffer as well, and this ends up costing more in the end. Repairs should be done at the onset of creaks, squeaks or a slowing down in the process of opening and closing your doors, and not a moment later.

  • Q: What is headroom and how much is required?

    A: Headroom is the gap between the lowest point of the pipes or ceiling and the top of the garage door. The amount of headroom needed can vary depending on the type of springs used on your new door. Extension spring systems usually require at least ten inches, while torsion spring systems require at least twelve inches. These amounts of headroom are needed for basic door operation, if a garage door opener is to be installed, additional headroom will be needed.

  • Q: What are the benefits I can get from a wooden garage door?

    A: A wooden garage door offers many advantages that include custom-made options that are quite easy to implement. Insulation is not a problem as well as security, but because the door is individually customized and produced, they can be pricey. Garage Door Repair Santa Clarita, however, provides a variety of sleek choices to match your home décor, for a very competitive price.

  • Q: How can I save energy using weather seals?

    A: Garage door seals installed in between the garage door panels, and on the frame of the garage door and on the bottom part of the garage door blocks the passages so air conditioned airs are not coming out of your garage. As a result, it saves the energy consumption of your household. It also makes your garage door longer lasting because it helps it preserved.

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